The NE Hive rents one-of-a-kind private offices, a sweeeeet never-be-lonely shared space, and offers pay-as-you-want unique amenities in the heart of NE Minneapolis.

We're a hop, skip and a jump away from Central Ave's insane food scene, the Indeed Brewing Tap House, the swank Spyhouse Coffee shop and practically next door to the Eastside Food Co-Op, Walgreens, and Central Ave Liquor.

Every lease includes keyless entry (during normal business hours), a dedicated mailing address, 24/7 security, fiber internet, indoor bike storage, coffee, filtered water, a full kitchen, a full bath, Hulu, video games, heat, AC and get ready for it......electricity.

Looking for more? For pennies on the dollar, add additional amenities.


Where you work affects how you work. We appreciate sun-drenched offices, exposed brick, high ceilings, steel beams, and a bright workspace. We've worked from home, we've worked at overcrowded, corporate coworking spaces and frankly, that's no way to work. We're locally owned and operated, not too big or too small, and our anchor tenant is The Traveling Photo Booth. Our owner is an active beekeeper and photographer so having fun, balancing privateness with togetherness (bees do it), maintaining a picturesque space, and spoiling ourselves with gluttonous amenities is in our DNA.

Pricing & Contact

Monthly rates start at $495 depending on office size, term, and desired amenities. Complete the form below and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.

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Free Amenities

Secure Keyless Entry (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm)
Tired of keys? Every lease includes two tiny, NFC fobs for entry for keyless entry.

Dedicated Mailing Address
Never miss a delivery again, keep your home address private, and benefit from the professionalism a commercial address provides. PO Boxes are for rebates, not for businesses.

Furnished Offices
Every office includes a new chair, desk and built-in storage.

Fiber Internet
Like to stream Netflix while you work? We have more fiber bandwidth than we know what to do with. Every office includes both hard-wired ethernet connections as well as wifi access.

Indoor Bike Storage
You wouldn't lock-up your kid outside so why your bike?

Talk to anyone whose worked in a office space with multiple tenants and they'll complain about the lack of privacy, the need for inside voices, and being able to hear everything everyone else is saying. Every office includes a state-of-the-art White Noise Machine to maintain privacy, sanity and also ensure that what' said in the Hive stays in the Hive.

Filtered Water & Roasted Coffee
We can already hear you saying, "Ooooooh, free coffee..." but hang on a second. We're coffee snobs here. While we don't have Kopi Luwak (the world's most expensive coffee) we aren't drinking Folgers either. Stay caffeinated with a fresh, bottomless pot of coffee all day long.

Full Bath
Like to ride your bike to work but not stink all day? Take advantage of a real bathroom with a real shower (soap not included)

Free Amenities (cont)

Video Games
Who says you can't play AND work? Our Nintendo SNES Classic & NES Classic are both great ways to unwind and clear the mind.

Privacy Phone Booth
Need to take a Top Secret call or get your Super Man costume on? Have no fear, our privacy phone booth and USB charging station is hear (misspelling intended)!

Full Kitchen
The kitchen is the 530sq ft heart of the Hive. Large fridge, clean microwave, deep sink, and sleek stove and cook are ready to make your Top Chief dreams come true.

On-Site Staff
Never miss a package again! Our on-site staff will sign and stow your packages until your return.

Audio Visual Equipment
Wireless and wired AV connections are available( but you're one your creating your presentation) and feel free to tap into the house stereo system after hours.

Cleaning Services
Our cleaning crew keeps the common areas spiffy and upon request can make your office look like a million bucks too!

Coke Zero, Flavored Sparkling Water, Espresso
Not into Coffee? Thatís okay. Enjoy Coke Zero or fancy flavored sparkling water from the office Kegerator.

24/7 Secure Keyless Entry
Tired of keys? Every lease includes tiny, NFC fobs for entry to the hive.

Printing Service
Yes, it's 2019 but it's amazing how frequently businesses still need to print.

Work With Your Pet ($25/month)
Why leave your best friend at home when you can put them to work? Polite and soft-spoken pets are welcome.

916 26th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418  |   612-488-9923  |   info@nehive.com